Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cleaning out the pantry

I don't know what got into me, but I cleaned out the I have to say here that only 2 people live here, with 2 additional grandchildren 3 and 4 yrs old from Wednesday nite to Friday afternoon. But the amount of food just in the pantry (still a freezer and a fridge full, but that's another day). Who bought all this stuff?

So in my attempt to use up this stuff I have decided (dictatorship here) that for the month of February I withdrew $100 bucks only and that is all that we will spend on extra food, like dairy, fresh veg, eggs, etc. We will empty out this pantry.

Now I remember why I emptied the pantry....I had no room to put the stuff I bought over the weekend from walmart, sobey's, and costco. So we are set. We will not starve.

So on Monday ( I actually started this challenge on Monday) we had grilled cheese and tomato's and fried onions on toast, yum, for breakfast. Leftover rotisserie chicken and sliced carrots and green onions in chinese nooddles (who bought all these packaged nooddles anyway)for dinner. Canned soup for lunch. Well we bought it, we gotta eat it.

I should also say here my husband has been put on the GI Diet as of Monday as well, here dictatorship is in play as well.

So tonight the grandkids come so its going to be panko chicken breast strips, rice and corn niblets. Kinda colourless maybe some fresh green beans from costco instead.

I discovered two and half bags of oatmeal. So on sunday evening I baked four batches of oatmeal cookies, and that's what I had for breakfast this morning, dipped into my coffee. Real good breakfast.

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