Sunday, May 15, 2011


What is it about soup lately, I always invisioned soup as a fall thing...not so much a spring thing.
I was "facebooking" with my mother the other day about my sad state of boredom since my daughter and family moved to their own digs....and she said the quickest way to get out of a funk was to make soup. Well I already did that the other day when I was canning turkey I roasted the bones and had the most amazing broth that called for a big pot of soup, so I made some and ended up with several bags in the freezer, not to mention the canned turkey (I side effect of buying turkey on sale I decided to bone it...can it) I also made a few other things for the freezer. I seem to have a problem making small batches of anything lately, everything goes into the freezer. It's then I came to realization that I was turning into my I stopped all the canning and freezing.
An this morning I was going through a few blogs that I visit weekly and discovered this soup

Miso bacon corn chowder

so now I have to make a trip the T&T market to find some miso. The soup looks and sounds wonderful. If I'm lucky I will only make a batch big enough for one sitting for two.

I've also been reading and enjoying

Pleasures of cooking for one

after watching a segment on Anna and Kristina. I already had a copy from the library sitting around so after watching the show featuring the book I started reading it and soon discovered that I will have to buy a copy for myself. It also added to my list of "things to buy" as in smalled pots and pans and casserole dishes and such......

So as I'm sitting here posting this - I have a room to finish painting another coat, plus baseboards to nail, not to mention the chair rail to paint and attach, and housework you wouldn't believe. Since my daughter and her family moved into their own place (after 3 yrs living together) I have LOTS of re-organizing of space......heavy sigh....all that work and I"m just inheritatly (bad spelling) sooooooo lazy.

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