Thursday, April 28, 2011


I've never made anything with quinoa along with the ham I thought why not.

1 cup (rinsed) quinoa
1 1/2 cups water

went into the rice cooker, until a hard boil then turned it to warming. It turned out very nice, but I got busy with other stuff so I just threw it into the fridge until today - wednesday.

added the cooked cold quinoa to a bowl added 1/2 diced onion, diced baby cuc, handful of juliene pea pods,diced up 1/2 tomato (because that's all I had) 1/2 cup diced leftover ham (from weekend) about 1 to 1 1/2 cups roasted cauliflower florets that I threw into the oven while I was making some banana bread.

Added about 2 tbsp kraft zesty italian, zest of 1/2 a lime, and a little splash of the same lime and mixed it all up

I roasted the cauliflower with olive oil, italian seasoning and red pepper and garlic flakes from club house

Divided up the spoils into two containers and threw it into the fridge for later. When I sampled some for a snack I was pleased with the result. Will be making this again.

Banana Bread

doubled the recipe, currently waiting to put into freezer, this recipe tastes good after sitting in the freezer for a bit. Also I added 2 squares semi sweet chocolate and 1/2 c chopped up almonds, 1 tbsp cinnamon and dusting of nutmeg.

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