Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Butter Chicken

I bought chicken on sale some time ago and now that's what we seem to be eating ALOT of. I call it the carcass. It's a good deal ..... The price is usually for a bag of 4 consisting of the chicken minus legs, wings, and thighs. So basically the back and breast. I usually buy about 4-6 bags and the sale usually appears once every 5 weeks on a rotation. Any day now...maybe next week I can replenish my freezer.
So I usually cut the backs off and put them into a seperate big bag ( my freezer is full of these - its time to make stock if I wasn't so lazy) then put 4-6 breasts per bag. So what I usually get is breasts for $1.25 each, now that's a DEAL.

So last night I used 6 breasts (I should have used 8 as there was sauce enough for 8 and I would have had much more leftovers....I live for leftovers)

But I only had 6 breasts unthawed....ooooh well

The recipe calls for chili powder but "SOMEONE" appears for have given away mine to the neighbor cause its been weeks and it hasn't come back yet....grrr. So I sub with chipolte chili powder and used it liberally because the last time I used it ...I shouldn't have cause it was way too hot. But this time I could have added a bit more or maybe I should have added some sriracha chili sauce...it could have used a bit more heat. The leftovers are a bit on the bland side. There is nothing worse than bland leftovers.

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