Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Little Obsession

I love this recipe

I could eat it all day long for days....and days it is that good

and then I throw something in the garbage and what DO I SEE...

The leftovers (about 2 servings for a snack) laying there, unceremoniously dumped..... I almost had a heart attack

My daughter claimed it was left on the stove overnight


WHAT DO I's cooked. My daughter and her obsessive irradication of all germs is driving me insane. And now she's thrown my leftover chicken in the garbage....the chicken I kept thinking about good it was going to taste with my morning coffee....

Im in moarning ( i don't know if that's spelled correctly or not and I don't care - my chicken is goooooooone) This is the same girl who used to eat leftover pizza that was on the counter FOR DAYS in her apartment.And she eats mussels and mushrooms (all come from shit or are shit based) ugggh and she thinks my chicken was germy.

It will take a long time to forgive this infraction...a long time

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